About CFO Radio Network

CFO Radio Network will have many radio shows hosted by finance professionals delivering timely information that caters to the world finance and business. Interviews will be held with some of the top thought leaders in the industry as well as with business owners, investors, entrepreneurs around the globe with the purpose of bringing clarity to the listening audience around how finance and money are an integral component to running any business successfully. Listening to this network and the various shows will make the money side of business make significantly more sense.


Money Matters
with Duncan McKeever

Money Matters is a show that talks about the significance of having your financial house in order when it comes to your business. Whether positive or negative, neglecting how money and the various ways it effects your business can be the difference between you sustaining a business that lasts for generations or one that ends up in the graveyard with all of the other businesses that failed to learn this most valuable lesson. Listen weekly to Money Matters and start getting your house in order today!!!

Today's Schedule - 10/20/2016 - EST
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